Lectrosonics UM400a Wireless Rentals

*DSP-based Digital Hybrid Architecture
*256 Selectable Synthesized UHF Frequencies
*TA5-Male Servo Input
*100m Watts of Output Power
*Both Mic and Line Level Sources
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Female XLR to TA5F
10ft XLR Cable
Tram Lav Mic
Sony ECM44B Lav Mic

The Lectrosonics UM400A is a UHF body-pack transmitter for use with the UCR411 receiver. The transmitter features 256 user selectable UHF frequencies and digital hybrid signal transmission for optimum range while minimizing noise. Incoming audio signal is digitized at 24-bit resolution, eliminating the noise and artifacts associated with analog compandors.

The result is greater range with minimal noise. The improved TA5-male servo input is compatible with any microphone or cable featuring a TA5 connection. The input level is automatically matched, allowing use with low impedance mics, electret lavalier mics with positive or negative bias and line level devices. The receiver features a comprehensive LCD and low cut filter. A full 100mW output power is achieved on a single 9V battery.

Improved Servo Microphone Input
The UM400A delivers a significant improvement over the previous UM400 with its TA5-male servo input. The input level is automatically matched, allowing use with low impedance mics, electret lavalier mics with positive or negative bias and line level devices.
Digital Hybrid Transmitter
The UM400A transmitter features a DSP-based digital hybrid architecture. Incoming signal is digitized in 24-bit, eliminating noise associated with analog companders. The result is greater range without noise.
Frequency Agile
The frequency agile UM400A transmitter features 256 selectable synthesized UHF frequencies to choose from. Rotary dials located on the side panel allow quick and easy switching.
High Output Power
Perhaps one of the major attributes to Lectrosonic components is the frequency output power. The UM400A boasts 100m Watts of output power, rendering the unit virtually free from drop-outs.
Mic & Line Level Input
The input is designed to handle both mic and line level sources. A level dial conveniently adjusts impedance gain levels to accurately match different microphones and line sources.
Pristine Audio Quality
Flat frequency response and wide dynamic range provide superb audio fidelity. Dual-band compander and low frequency roll-off, eliminate distortion and noise born at low frequencies.
ype of Transmitter Body-Pack Synthesized Tuned UHF
# Of Channels 256 frequencies in 100kHz steps per 26MHz wide block
RF Output Power 100mW (nominal)
Type of Input Connector Switchcraft 5 pin locking (TA5F)
Type of Microphone microphone not included
Polar Pattern not applicable - microphone not included
Interchangeable Mic Heads Accepts all microphones and line-level sources wired with TA5F connection.
Battery Type/Approx. Life 5 hours (alkaline)
10 hours (lithium)
precision compartment auto-adjusts to accept any known 9 Volt battery
Mute Switch Off / On Switch
Level Control Audio level gain control dial
43 dB; semi-log rotary control
Antenna Type Detachable, flexible cable. 50 Ohm port
Display 2-Position "On/Off" switch
Audio Gain adjust dial
Recessed low frequency -roll-off control
2-Rotary frequency adjust controls
Dimensions 3.1 x 2.4 x .75" (78.74 x 60.96 x 19.05mm)
Weight 6.3 oz (including battery)